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 Good appointments, your guarantee


New Vans

CMR insurance

Transport License

Dangerous Goods








  Europatrans Guarantee:


All legal actions, demanded by international related transport laws are carefully monitored and observed by Europatrans.





Strict maintenance policy & new Vans.

Our fleet is always up to date and our vehicles are maximum two years old.



International Transport License & ADR certificate


Of course we have the obligatory transport license,  which each courier company needs, when it concerns consignments above 500 kilo. Our owner and manager, Liesbeth Gielen is also a graduate of the international road union, an acknowledged European Transport Organisation, which guarantees professionalism and credibility for your transportation needs. (


For transportation of dangerous goods, you can use the services of Europatrans.

Certain drivers have the ADR certificate.



CMR = certainty


Europatrans has personalised CMR waybills for your company. All transports of EUROPATRANS are in accordance with the CMR regulations and in accordance with the international transport treaties. Your goods are insured according to international agreements.




Professional Team


Our drivers are like your would have a personal ... butler!


A good driver is not only an expert with perfect driving skills. Our drivers also characterise themselves by the courtesy in and outside the vehicle. Our drivers are more than just a driver:  they are the butlers for your venture. Polite, helpful, neatly… so that you make a good impression at each supply you do with your customer.



Good appointments make good…


Every customer is for us the most important customer. If you only transport one package, or you need several transports weekly, our good appointments ensure that everyone is ,at each moment, satisfied.


Europatrans will never load & transport goods from other customers with your goods:

each task is carried out separately!




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